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How Many Engineering Application for Mech E Should I Send?


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How many is too many and how few is not enough?


I'm applying for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and I'm worried that I may not have applied to enough schools. I have good grades, 5 years work experiance, and have already earned a Masters degree.


I've applied to 5 schools, UW, Purdue, Minnesota, Illinois, and Northwestern. I know a few more programs have deadlines coming up (ASU) would it make sense to throw a few more applications out if I havent heard anything yet?



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i guess 5 should be fine if you a hopeful of an admit. Usually 6-8 apps are good. Many people even apply to more. I guess its a personal opinion, anything more than 6 is your call. when i had applied for master's i put in 16 apps while when applying for PhD am happy with 8 solid applications.

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It depends. How good your grades are, your research experience, etc.

Five is a good number in general but all of the schools you mentioned are pretty competitive so it may not be enough. Honestly, I'd highly recommend you throw in a couple more applications to somewhat safer schools.

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