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Cornell PAM or any other program at Cornell anyone?


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Did anyone look at the Cornell Graduate School Field Metrics? Here's the link to it:



click on > Graduate Field Selectivity and Yield Over 5 Year Trend


So far for PAM I am seeing this:


ADMIT_TERM_ACADEMIC_YEAR Admit Year Field Selectivity Percentage Field Yield Percentage Field_Admit_Avg Field_Matric_Avg Summer/Fall 2009 Applied Field_App_Avg Place Holder DEGREE_TYPE FIELD_ADMIT_CNT_FLD FIELD_APP_CNT_FLD FIELD_AREA_LDESCR FIELD_FORMAL_DESCR FIELD_MATRIC_CNT_FLD 2013 SU/FA  2013 0.222222224 0.625 1.600000024 1 0 7.199999809   Doctoral 8 36 Social Sciences Policy Analysis and Management 5


How can the numbers for Fall 2013 be out already? What do these numbers mean? Did the adcomm make the decisions already?


Anyone hear anything from PAM yet?

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It is very strange. Perhaps, though, the "admitted" numbers for this cycle are based on the departments saying they would definitely only admit x-number of people. I doubt they've filled those slots with any certainty yet, though (especially because they'd still have to wait for offers of admission to be accepted by the students as well).

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The data must be wrong by a year or something. I could see them potentially having data about number of admitted, but there's no way they could predict how many admits will matriculate at this point in the cycle. Very odd indeed. 

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