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So I emailed one of the schools I applied to for a status update. They responded by inviting me to a two-day campus visit with travel reimbursement. The email never mentioned an interview, just a chance to learn more about the program and meet faculty. I don’t even have to arrive to the campus until 3 pm on Thursday. Does anyone have any advice on what to expect at a “campus visit”? Do I prepare for an interview? Do I wear a suit on Thursday or just something casual? Any help would be much appreciated!

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If it doesn't say interview, it probably isn't one, but you will get a chance to talk with several faculty. I'd assume your admissions status will be updated soon to accepted.

If that doesn't happen, another possibility is that there won't be a formal interview, but you'll meet with lots of faculty and students who will be gauging how they think you'd fit in, and folks that are clearly a poor fit for whatever reason don't get that final piece of paper.

Business casual is appropriate, but no more formal than that--overdressed applicants stick out like sore thumbs. Not that sweatpants and slippers are a place to be either...Take a lot at the "Dressing the part" forum (search that term and you'll find it and several other topics about this). If you look like you are a grad student, then it's good enough!

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