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It certainly varies from school to school and from professor to professor, but Mark Allen Powell has one (Introducing the New Testament) that is, in my opinion, exceptional. David deSilva also has one put out by IVP that was widely used in Evangelical institutions. It was published in 2004; I'm not sure if it is still a popular choice.

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Despite his recent, more polemical work, Ehrman's introduction to NT is great for providing the contextual, historical, literary background; it's well written, and a pleasure to read. For a theological perspective that reads the NT through the eyes of faith, I would recommend Luke Timothy Johnson's introduction to NT. When I was at PTS, we used Johnson's intro, but I supplemented it with Ehrman's; the two complement each other nicely.

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I used Koester... but he was teaching the course. I'm not a super big fan of Ehrman, despite his best efforts to be neutral, he still comes off as a bit anti-theology/izing to me.

I'm teaching an intro to New Testament right now and I just picked an assortment of articles for reading, there's no shortage.

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