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Teaching vs. Research Experience


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Was just wondering...


I have about a year and a half of research experience as an undergraduate in primarily Biochemistry related research. Additionally, I taught two years of Physics and Biology.


(I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up so I majored in just about everything that sounded interesting...)


For a STEM-based degree program would the selection committee put more emphasis on the research or the teaching?


Asked professors and friends in differing fields and I am getting conflicting thoughts on the issue...

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Definitely the research.  PhD programs are about research.  Depending on the program they may also like that you have the teaching experience, since many STEM programs do encourage their students in teaching careers and either require or strongly recommend that you TA and teach courses in their own departments.  But PhD programs are about research primarily, so to gain admission into a PhD program your research experience will be of paramount importance.

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