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15 minute skype interview

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Depends. Often nothing of any great concern, more just gauging your interest levels etc. In fact, it's probably more likely to be you interviewing the professor in a sense, as in you'll be asking more questions than them.

-Are you still interested in our program?

-Some question about your research interests. Up to you how you answer, no right or wrong way.

-"Any questions for me?"

At least that seems to be the pattern.

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I have become very familiar with these Skype interviews having given three of them already. The first thing to understand is that if the Professor wants to meet you, then your application must have impressed him and the grad school as a whole. The basic questions they asked me were about my internship (at ETH Zurich), my career goals, which other Universities I have applied and what preference do I give to that grad school. If you have already got some offers, they may ask you how you rate that grad school relative to the offers you have got. Then they would tell you to ask them any questions you may have. I always like questioning them a lot, as they more often than not give you more knowledge about the campus and the environment. And 15 mins can easily extend to half an hour and more as has happened in my case.

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