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  1. just a little PSA this thread is a year old, OP has already made her choice
  2. Oh Berkeley, looks like I'll be headed east
  3. How would places that have their statistics group housed in another department fit in? Like Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Georgia Tech?
  4. UC Davis tuition and fees: http://budget.ucdavis.edu/studentfees/estimated/2013-14%20Grad%20Nonres%20Estimated.pdf
  5. Hmm, it looks like in past years the acceptances have been sort of spread out. What did the guy you talked to say?
  6. Judging from the results page, Michigan and Penn have sent out rejections. I haven't heard from them yet, so I'm guessing I'm on a waitlist. How many others are typically on such waitlists? How many typically are let in?
  7. Also, what website did Wharton direct people to?
  8. I guess it's a good sign if I wasn't rejected (by Penn) then?
  9. (not related to your question -- when did you get a response from Berkeley? Not biostats, right?)
  10. I was emailed to set up a 15 minute skype interview with a professor. What sort of questions are they likely to ask?
  11. Thanks for the response. I have taken Linear Algebra (1 quarter introduction focusing on solving problems, 1 quarter focusing on theory and proofs) and Real Analysis (2 quarters). I've also taken 2 quarters of calc-based probability and a quarter of calc-based Statistics. I'm hoping to have all or most of the core statistics classes done before I graduate too. The biggest question I had was depth in math vs. breadth in Statistics. It seems like either way is good, which is comforting to know when picking a path.
  12. Thanks for the reply. It's interesting that you say the Measure theory class would be useful but to not take Topology, since undergrad Topology is listed as a prereq for graduate measure theory (which is a prereq for Probability). Maybe I should look into whether that's enforced and how necessary it's really thought to be.
  13. Hi, I'm a 2nd year math major (stats minor) interested in applying to Statistics grad schools down the line. The problem I'm having is in choosing how to balance math classes vs. statistics classes and schoolwork vs. research (and what types of research?) In terms of classes, I'm probably going to take an introduction to Measure Theory next quarter. But how useful would classes like Topology, Complex Analysis, Set Theory, Grad level Measure Theory, and Grad level Probability be? The alternatives would probably be taking a couple extra statistics electives. In terms of Research, how us
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