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  1. I think you're talking about the program in Stern, right? I applied to the Center for Data Science.
  2. Thanks! I got an email yesterday morning. They didn't say how many people they emailed, but they asked me to confirm if I would be coming no later than Feb 7, so I imagine they'll email everyone before then.
  3. Hey all, I got an interview offer from NYU's Center for Data Science! Apologies if this isn't the appropriate thread for this, but I just compiled some information about interview preparation from other threads, and I figured I'd share my notes here for anyone else preparing for statistics PhD interviews. Why do you need a PhD? Why now? Story, leading up to why I have to get a PhD The first thing to understand is that if the Professor wants to meet you, then your application must have impressed him and the grad school as a whole. Every single i
  4. Thank you! All of my applications were for Stats PhDs except for the ones in my post where I specified otherwise.
  5. Hey FYI I got an acceptance email from UNC on Jan 11. So far I've heard acceptances from UNC and NC State, nothing from the following: Duke MIT's SES PhD program UCLA or Berkeley's masters programs Cal Tech's PhD in Computing + Mathematical Sciences Penn Wharton NYU Center for Data Science Chicago Columbia (although their deadline was 01/12) USC Marshall (their deadline was 01/15)
  6. Hi all, reviving this thread; let me know if it would be better if I start a new one. I took the GRE math subject test last weekend, and unfortunately I kind of blew it. Didn't get great sleep the night before, plus I lost track of time and wasn't able to bubble in guesses for any of the questions I didn't answer. Since there's no penalty for guessing anymore, that cost me at least a few points. Anyway, I have the same question that didn't seem to quite get a definitive answer here--at what percentage level do GRE math subject scores become a liability rather than an asset? (I'm sure
  7. Cool, thanks for the feedback and kind words! I realize I'm not a typical candidate, I'm hoping someone will give me a shot. As long as I'm not just wasting application fees and paper, I'm happy to throw my hat into the ring and see what happens.
  8. Thanks, good to know. I'll think more in terms of programs outside the top 10 or so.
  9. Thank you for the input. Are you suggesting that the real analysis class I'm taking this fall won't do much of anything for me? My final grade should be ready before the end of December, which in some cases will be before the application deadline. Otherwise I'll send the grade along as soon as I get it. Also how would you rate my chances at those masters programs? What kind of departments do you think I'd be a good fit for this year?
  10. Undergrad Institution: Top 20 US Major(s): Physics Minor(s): Jazz Studies GPA: 3.85 Type of Student: US White Male GRE General Test: (took June 2017) Q: 170 (97%) V: 170 (99%) W: 6.0 (99%) GRE Math Sub: Taking in October, aiming for 70th percentile Programs Applying: Statistics PhD/MS Research Experience: Working now on an independent project developing a model for a private company, will write a paper and submit with my applications as a writing sample Developed a decently performing model for a challenge, think I'll have my name in a published paper as
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