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University of Tulsa I/O <-- Anyone accepted???

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Seems they were low.. Though I found that the APA book wasn't really all that helpful as MUCH of the information was at odds with that found on the different schools websites.

I saw on the Results Section board that someone had posted that they got in, so I was hoping to pick there brain on their GPA/GRE stats...

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Same thing happened to me. Mind if I ask your stats? GPA/GRE? I had lots of great "extras" and I was just wondering what everone else had.. Hate to say it, but Tulsa was my safety school, so now I am feeling pretty worried...


GPA - 3.5 (3.8 in Psychology, I was mechanical engineering my freshman year)

GRE - 159 Verbal, 159 Quantitative, 5.0 Writing


I've done research for the past year and will have 2 authorships by the fall. Other than that no real stand-out stats or anything. Tulsa was actually supposed to be my security school too, but I've gotten into another PhD program that's better than Tulsa's and I interviewed for a top 5 school today. Statistically, that shouldn't be happening if I got rejected at Tulsa. Weird stuff happens at grad school acceptance time lol. Don't sweat in though man (or girl!), if your signature is right you should hopefully have a good shot at at least one of those 10 schools you applied to!

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