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Dear friends,

I'm an italian PHD student with a library problem.

I'm searching this dissertation thesis: "The temple terracottas of Etruscan Orvieto : a vision of the underworld in the art and cult of ancient Volsinii / by Kimberly Sue Busby". I saw that is available online at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign library, but I can't access the resource. If there's someone that can, could help me sending me the pdf?


This is the site:



thank you very much



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You can also try directly contacting the student. 


Also, WorldCat - it's the system my library uses to connect to numerous libraries over the world- is great about sending electronic copies of articles, chapters, etc. to students.

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Thank you for your answers! I wanted to leave the  interlibrary loan as the last resource, cause is a bit 'more complicated, my library needs to subscribe to the other library service etc.

I'm seeing now on worldcat there's the possibility to buy the pdf, is not cheap, but is a solution!


Thank you

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