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Stanford CS PhD admissions


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I'm curious as well. Their FAQ says that decisions will be emailed "starting Feb 10" - last year they did indeed keep to their posted date I think. Also I've noticed that last year a handful of acceptances were posted here even a few days earlier, but this year nothing so far.

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Finally someone asks! I thought they were supposed to be out on Feb. 10, but still no news yet  :(


I'm waiting to hear back as well. Do Stanford do interviews before admits like Berkeley?


Good luck everyone!

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congratz :) just out of my curiosity wanted to know ,have you been interviewed for admission purposes or just got the acceptance without any interview? I am a MSc applicant to Management Science at Stanford and no words is heard yet so that's the reason I was wondering. 

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Admissions decision for the PhD program will be sent out mid-Feb. Admit weekend is scheduled for March 15-16, 2013. 


Computer Science Graduate Admissions 

Stanford University


That's an older e-mail I found. I don't think they will wait until March. I'm crossing my fingers for the next few days! 


Congrats souffle! Which professor contacted you if may ask? And did he/she tell you that you we're officially admitted? In that case they should be (more or less) done with the decisions...

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