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    Austin, TX

    Anyone tried the university apartments? The price and location look pretty attractive. Any ideas how long it'd usually take before I get off the waiting list (1-bedroom)? Any help is appreciated.
  2. @Billyboy is 1800/month before or after tax? I got around 2150/month before tax -- same as froup above. A bit disappointed as it's much less than what the other public universities (with higher "rankings") offer, with one exception. Purdue offered even less (about half my stipend at another place with a slightly higher cost of living). I hope 2150/month before tax is enough to live comfortably for a single, since I'm probably going to socal anyway based on the research fit.
  3. hmm... we seem to have similar tastes in grad schools XD I guess nothing can be confirmed until you heard back from them, though I would say the chance of getting admissions to any of these schools is slim at this point However, one thing I can confirm is that official visit days for all these schools are over. Michigan and UCSD had theirs in the past few days, while UT's GradFest was way back in February.
  4. If you still think that is awkward, how about this. One of my acceptance notification was sent in batch with no BCC. A week later, someone sent a mass mail to everyone EXCEPT for the graduate program coordinator asking if we have news on funding details (and he did get a reply!). Frankly speaking, I was slightly annoyed (it was far from a friendly introduction email), but I have already trashed that email and I couldn't even recall his name for god's sake. If someone's really annoyed by your one email and be mean to you for six years, I'd say the fault lies with that person and not you.
  5. Still no official Grad School letter for my first department acceptance in mid-January, I sometimes wonder if they are waiting for me to accept the departmental offer first and possibly cut down on unnecessary paperwork in case I decline lol
  6. @csyrez I guess froup really meant the admission committee and not any POI in particular? Coz I too got my informal offer and campus visit invitation from the UCSD CSE department a few weeks ago (no interviews), but my application status is still "Under Review". From the gradcafe results search they still seem to be handing out admissions? So don't lose hope and good luck
  7. And with all those misses, "Other" is still losing to the other options...
  8. FYI, my PhD application still shows as "Incomplete" after it has been reviewed and rejected I don't think you should worry too much, they can first review based on your "unofficial" credentials then ask for the official copies later if needed. Good luck.
  9. Thought I'd chip in though I'm from a completely different discipline. All my interviews so far are quite casual. I talked a bit about the projects I've done and I asked a few questions and that's it. I think those interviews are just for testing if you can communicate normally and clearing up any questions you might have about the school. A 20-minute "interview" is too tight to pack in challenging questions on the interviewer's part IMO.
  10. Slaughter fest day after day... and now it's Stanford's turn First reject from my top choice Oh well, time for synthetic happiness to kick in
  11. Congratz souffle! You seem to have gotten into so many top schools! Now I'm sad... Stanford was my top choice
  12. Finally someone asks! I thought they were supposed to be out on Feb. 10, but still no news yet I'm waiting to hear back as well. Do Stanford do interviews before admits like Berkeley? Good luck everyone!
  13. Got a very unofficial acceptance from UTAustin, though the graduate school status still says "In review"... First news I've ever heard back.
  14. Three systems come to mind. In descending order of annoyance: 1. Applyweb - why don't you just let me click on the different sections? I'm filling them out of order anyway. 2. Applyyourself - it's such a pain when I forgot to log out before I try to access another school's application, and they don't allow re-using the same account across different schools! Oh, that and Purdue's host of spam. 3. Texas common app - 12-character limit on first name? Really? I was lucky I could fit in, but my friend has a slightly longer name
  15. Thanks for the ...comforting info. Time to freak out
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