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I get this all the time: "why don't you go do a PhD?"


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The long version of that line is "with your research interest and background, why don't you go do a PhD". As if you can just walk into any university and begin.


Has anyone else had stuff like this happen?


Haha. Yes. Constantly. When I decided I had enough studying after my Masters and wanted a break, the constant comment was "why don't you go do a PhD?" combined with dire warnings that if I stopped then I would find myself too comfortable in work and never return for that PhD.

Finally, after I did decide that I wanted to apply for PhD, that line became "with your research interest and background you'll get in anywhere." That didn't happen the first time around.

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The best is people saying "it's who you know there that counts." Like if they or I know someone who works there they should just unroll the red carpet.


Or getting rejected "why can't they see how much you want this? need this? deserve this? etc etc"


People often mean well but have no idea how it works.

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