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Graduating Undergrad a Semester Early/Any of these Schools?


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I'm graduating a semester early and I'm wondering if any schools will allow you to take courses (Ph.D in clinical psychology) while not yet accepted or accepted, but not enrolled for credit/transfer credit?

Also, your opinions on the following schools (my interests are in the psychodynamics of PTSD in survivors of abuse in residential care programs and the influences of behavioral/psychiatric genetics in psychiatric/developmental disorders and genetic diseases with organic psychoses on psychotherapy). They are in order of preference:

1. Adelphi University- Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology, Psychodynamic Emphasis)

2. Yeshiva University- Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology (Ph.D- Health Emphasis With a Minor in Clinical Neuropsychology)

3. Columbia University- Teacher's College (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology)

4. New York University- (Ph.D- Counseling Psychology)

5. Long Island University (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology, Brooklyn Campus)

6. Syracuse University- (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology)

7. Rutgers University- (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology

8. SUNY Stony Brook- (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology

9. Washington University in St. Louis (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology)

10. Northeastern University- (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology)

11. SUNY Binghamton- (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology)

12. Pace University- (Ph.D- Clinical Psychology)

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I presume that many of them are willing to take your money... Though, word of caution, if you don't wind up going to the school you take courses at, there's a good chance your credits won't transfer. Unless you have a longing desire to take classes it might be nicer to just enjoy a bit of freedom before school starts in the fall.

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