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open house and visit day difference


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I think there aren't any. The schools where I interviewed call it either Open House or Visiting Days. Yet, it's basically the same thing: A bunch of prospective students are invited to campus, get tons of information about the program, have interviews with multiple faculty (and often with current grad students), and are courted by the school. It is competitive, though, as not all attending applicants get an offer.


A recruitment day, in contrast, serves the purpose of, well, recruitment. So recruitment days are typically optional and organized by programs that admit students without formal interviews.

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I think they're used interchangeably.  The way I look at it is this: you're not officially admitted unless the program gives you an official letter.  So even when I went to a "recruitment weekend" where we were referred to as "recruits", we still weren't admitted into the program.  Some places will structure their interviews differently.  For instance, one weekend I went to was structured in a way that the faculty were gauging applicant interests and actively recruiting people into their labs.  The other weekend was strictly informational and more formal interviews.

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I thought the OP was talking about "Open Houses" for admitted students, but I guess that would make her 2nd question silly.


Columbia EE's department is hosting an "Open House'" to which only admitted students are invited. MIT will host a "Visit Day" for theirs.


The terms are interchangeable, but I guess you were talking about pre-acceptance days.

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