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  1. It seems these offers only apply to college students. Too bad...
  2. I'll have my interview in July. After having done all the prep (DS-160, SEVIS, visa appointment fee), I realized that my passport will expire before the stated end of my PhD program. Although I read a few times that my passport needs to be valid for the entire stay in the US, when I called the embassy hotline I was ambiguously told that I would "likely" be given a visa that is valid until my passport expires but that it ultimately depends on the embassy official. Any experiences? I really want to avoid going back to my home country twice (once to apply for passport, once to apply for visa)
  3. kabelo

    New Haven, CT

    I'm from overseas myself and recently signed a lease for a shared house with three other grad students. I emailed and skyped with a bunch of people through Craigslist and the "Yale-International" Yahoo group, and then took the one that sounded best. I guess if you can't visit that's the safest way, since it's rather unlikely that your future roomies will deceive you.
  4. I currently study in Oxford, and it took them quite long to assign me to a college last year. So I wouldn't stress about it, at the postgraduate level the colleges hardly matter anyway. All information you need, you will get from the department responsible for your program. And by the way: Almost all people I know who had indicated a college preference in their application (myself included) did end up somewhere else. It all seems pretty random.
  5. social psychology (yeeeaahh!)
  6. This. I'm in exactly the same situation. Awesome PhD lined up, Masters degree technically irrelevant, so how will I get through this? I'd rather take some time off and travel before starting grad school in the fall.
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