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  1. Thanks for the detailed description! The one tablet I currently think would be the best option for me, ASUS VivoTab Note 8, has handwriting recognition that does not convert the text right away. Instead you write as long as you want, and then you click something to convert the text. I like that a lot, as it won't slow down the process of writing itself. I just wonder what the conversion into digital text will do to my drawings? And: yes, that's a great distinction you make between tablets for which you can additionally buy a stylus, and tablets that are made for note-taking. ASUS VivoTab Not
  2. My laptop uses Windows 7, the ASUS VivoTab Note 8 would use Windows 8.1 (which I hear is better than 8, but who knows in terms of Greek letters...) And yes, it could still be a problem on a tablet while it is no problem on a laptop with the same OS. It seems that Apple has figured it out though, then Windows 8.1 should be able to do it too (another unwarranted inference). Thanks for the link!
  3. Hey everyone, after having spent almost all day reading about your experiences and discussing it with some tech-guys on another forum, I think I found the perfect tablet for me: ASUS VivoTab Note 8. It does everything I wished for and is not even expensive. The only thing: it sold out within the first days of its release, so I have to wait until the stocks are refilled. It works with Windows - are there any people in this forum who have experience with polytonic Greek letters with a Windows-driven tablet? Or is the following a valid inference: - My windows-driven laptop does not have any
  4. That is one reason why I am hesitant about an iPad, because I really want to stop taking notes on physical paper, but I don't want to switch to typing, because I need the opportunity to draw things, together with the words I write. That's why a good stylus+ a good doodling-note-taking-app +handwriting recognition would be absolutely amazing. Together with being able to use the same on pdfs and downloaded books, of course. Could you tell me more about how the handwriting recognition on your friend's tablet worked? Does s/he use it regularly in lectures and seminars?
  5. Thanks for all the helpful answers so far! I'll just let the information roll in for a little longer before I respond to specific suggestions. And thanks for the second compliment on my user name, I really didn't expect that people would even notice... After having gotten some questions on another forum to make some points of my original list clearer, here's the updated version (same points, just less ambiguous language, I hope): 1. for taking notes during lecture (not by typing, but the doodling kind of notes) 2. for reading papers and books, including highlighting and annotating text (i
  6. Thanks! Yes, I know Greek (only Attic), and I also should, because I do a lot of Aristotle. In fact, I should know it much better than I do, so I'm still practicing. I would recommend anyone who wants to do philosophy to learn Attic Greek! It was possible to just copy-paste the Greek letters into the user-name field...
  7. I am planning to buy a tablet. The following are the important functions it should be able to handle well. If you have experience with any or all of these functions with a specific tablet, let me know! If you have general recommendations, let me know! If I forgot something that is potentially important, let me know! In other words: let me know what you know about tablets. Especially helpful would be answers that say: "Given your 12 points here, this is the best tablet you can get, because..." I hope this also contributes to the distraction away from the admissions process for all those of
  8. I don't know about the other places, but I know that Leipzig is great for German Idealism!
  9. Yes, and it sounds like you are the kind of person who is good in getting the relevant information and preparing well, so it should work out somehow, I'm sure! Good luck!
  10. The reasons why the probability of securing a doctoral degree within 3 years is high are 1) you have to have an MA degree to even start with the doctoral studies (do you have that?), and 2) because it is very difficult to find any funding after 3 years and so people have a lot of pressure to finish within that time frame. With "that" I mainly meant applying for the teaching/assistant position - it is not hard to find a professor who will advise you on your dissertation, as long as you bring the money yourself. Almost anyone can find a professor to do that if they don't ask for money. The d
  11. Assuming that 1) is a question whether this is true, my answer would be "yes". To 2) I would answer "very very difficult if you aren't already known to them through your studies in some way. I don't know the answer to your PS-question, as I don't do Political Philosophy. 1) is one of the reasons why I preferred American doctoral programs although I am from the German speaking system. If you want to do that, you have to try to build connections and networks with and around your desired professor(s) as soon as possible, before you apply.
  12. Thanks for sharing kabelo! I realized that my topic shouldn't just sound like asking for advice on this - it's also so good to hear that there are other people in this situation out there! I did seriously think about not taking the exams at all and instead to go traveling. But then I became ambitious again and thought I should finish up what I've started :-). After having written the whole master's thesis etc, it's kinda hard to just throw away your MA degree entirely...
  13. Hi everyone, I have found a wonderful spot in a wonderful PhD program, starting in fall. I am really excited about it and can't wait to start. And I really mean the "can't wait": I am still finishing up my MA stuff at the moment and have a really hard time motivating myself to do the work. I will have my final exams end of May. The outcome of my exams won't have any impact on my future, even if I fail, but I still would like to do somewhat well on them... Is/Was anybody in a similar situation and what do/did you do to motivate yourself?
  14. I agree. The only thing that made it a bit more chaotic than necessary was that they didn't tell people that they were on an unofficial waitlist until one day before the deadline, unless solicited (and soliciting was very hard). They wouldn't necessarily have had to leave us in the dark for so long.
  15. Well, then let's start a shame campaign for the same reason against UCLA. They did the same, and it costs $100 for international students to apply to their school ($80 for US people I think). Schools like that just make the chaos around April 15th even worse than it would already be. (I guess it's not exactly the same as with Vanderbilt, but in no way better: they just didn't respond at all until yesterday. When I solicited an answer earlier, it took me 5 emails and more than two weeks, just to get the answer "you're not rejected, but also not accepted at this point of time"). UCLA has an
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