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kinda off topic- anyone know any open-access database for affective pictures?


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I know this isn't about grad school but thought this might be a good group of people to ask-


I'm working on a study for one of my classes and will be asking people to rate affective pictures.

I checked on the International Affective Picture System website, and they do offer access for free but the process required for access looks like it will exceed my time constraints (they say you will receive access "within 30 days"....)


Somewhat bad planning on my part, I suppose, but I know that other databases exist! 

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IAPS is the most popular one, sorry I don't know of others. When I requested access it was within a few days, but you need a prof to fax the forms.


I sent in the request today... hoping for the best!


Like Nim Stim? No experience requesting access myself, but I think it's easy enough to get, and definitely free.


Ahh, close! I'm not looking for facial pictures, though. Thank you anyway!

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