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Questions for Campus Visit


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So I've received an acceptance from my #1 pick, and also from my just-in-case school (still waiting on two others).  My top choice doesn't have an official visitation weekend for perspective students, but I'm planning to visit sometime before the April 15th deadline.  I want to get a chance to talk with the faculty, and especially current students.


What I'd like is suggestions for questions I should ask folks, or things I should make sure I see while I'm there (I know I'll be checking out the library, for example).  So what do you guys think?  What should I ask a prof, or another grad student, before I say yes?

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What is the tenure track placement record for the department? For your adviser specifically?  Average time to completion?  (if you don't already know of course) Do they have funding for summer projects?  What about funding for conference participation?  For current students: What is something unexpected you've learned about the department that you didn't know when you applied?  How much contact time do you have with your advisor?  What are the TA responsibilities/time commitment like?

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