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  1. Also just saw on the results search that someone got a phone call with an acceptance from them yesterday. So maybe we will hear more soon.
  2. That's the one I had! Do you like using flash cards? I'm a flash card junkie, so I made flash cards for the word lists and studied them before I went to bed and when I woke up; I like to think it helped!
  3. I emailed the head of the division back in January and he said that I would not be getting an offer of admission from them; the story was the usual - lots of applicants blah blah great pool blah. He said official rejections had not been signed yet, but I assume that means they were decided then.
  4. Oh I'm so happy to see this! I will be visiting a school I've already been admitted to as well and had this exact same question. I figured I'd be fine going with casual but presentable, so that's what I'll do.
  5. I really liked the way the Princeton Review book prepared me for the verbal section. Maybe try that if you haven't? I don't know. I didn't do wonderfully on it (158) but I got by.
  6. Maybe it depends on who you contact? I contacted the head of the C&P program for NYU.
  7. Both NYU and Princeton have had their interview weekends, I believe. I did see one flat out rejection get posted on the results for Princeton Cognitive. I haven't heard anything at all from Princeton, but I got tired of waiting for NYU and emailed and was rejected nicely - no official rejection from them yet, though.
  8. I was admitted to a program in early January without an interview; actually, it was (practically) the first I had heard from the program - they emailed me asking me for my official transcripts in December but that was it. However, I have seen interviews happening for multiple programs I applied to and I don't know what it means that I haven't heard from them! Gah. So flustered about those programs, mostly because I hate not knowing things.
  9. I call BS. Major BS. Do you have citations for any of these claims, such as how the GREs show that individuals are "naturally gifted" or willing to "work hard enough"? Or that "most people who think that the GRE is stupid and useless also have low GRE scores"? Have you ever heard of test anxiety? How about subject-specific intelligence? Or perhaps just thinking outside the box? This is the truth: the GREs are great at measuring one thing - how well you do on the GREs. The end.
  10. I don't want to add to anyone's self-torture of checking inboxes constantly, but definitely check your spam every once in a while, too. My acceptance from UIUC was in there, and another woman I know got an interview offer in her spam folder! It's scary to think you're missing things that important. Also, I gave out thank-yous to my LOR writers and chocolate to 2/3 of my LOR writers. I plan on doing a bottle of some nice wine for the last one on graduation, since he's also my advisor and still controls my grade until this semester is over (I don't want it to feel like a bribe!).
  11. I got an offer from University of Illinois U-C (top choice, will probably be attending), interview then rejected from Ohio State (lack of fit). I finally got tired of waiting around for NYU and sent them an email and got this reply: "you won't be admitted to the C&P program for next year. We got lots of great applications, but can only accept a dozen or so (out of 240!) and so tough decisions have to be made. Good luck with your other applications. I haven't officially signed rejections yet, so an official notification could take a while." I got that on January 17, so I'm thinking the
  12. "You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage - pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically - to say 'no' to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger 'yes' burning inside." - Stephen Covey
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