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Hi folks,

I think that we all will get a rejection from those schools which have not sent any email to us so far. Yesterday, I sent an email to a very well-known professor of UIUC, ECE who is a dear friend of my current advisor concerning the status of the my application to UIUC, ECE PhD. His reply is mainly as follows:

In fact, we generally send rejection to the applicants between the end of March and middle of the April. If you have not got any email about your application so far, this means that no one in the department has not funding for you and I regret to inform you that you will get a rejection soon.

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Seriously, I wouldn't be too worried. Val, the grad coordinator, is completely swamped right now and is still trying to send out acceptances (at least that's what she told me). I went down for the recruitment weekend in February and didn't get my official acceptance till a month later :shock: . Mostly the problem is that they are really being squeezed for people due to the budget crunch in the state. The school I go to right next door is threatening to lay off tenure track faculty, so i can't imagine how the general staff is feeling right now at any school in Cali. I wouldn't get overly hopeful, but there's still a chance!

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