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How to tell schools when asked: "What other programs have you gotten into"

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I have gotten into 3 masters programs (Berkeley, Columbia, Cornell). However I am waitlisted for my top choice PhD program - Duke. I know that I am high on the waitlist for Duke and I really want to get in. The department head asks if I have received offers from other schools. Should I tell them about my offers to the masters programs? Will it help or hurt?


I'm worried that they may think I'm not serious about PhD, when I totally am. At the same time, will they value that fact that I got into competitive masters programs, one of which (Berkeley) is theoretical?


How did you answer the question when asked about what programs you applied to or got into, during interviews, on the application, or through emails? Thanks!!!

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Just tell them the truth. If anything, knowing that you are fairly likely to accept a PhD offer from them (assuming you would take a funded PhD over a presumably unfunded Masters at those other places) will probably make them more interested in admitting you. 

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