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How many interviews befor acceptance?


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Seems like many of the hard science folks have marathon sessions during campus visits or by skype. Not so much in the social sciences or humanities. I'm in the social sciences and meeting the program director on Monday. This will be my forth interview at this school with three different faculty members, my second with this PD, but first face to face with him. He requested this next meeting, while I recommended face to face since the university is only an hour away and in person meetings are usually better. He said meeting at the school was "a great idea." I asked for and he eagerly provided the names of current grad students to talk with. In the initial email from the PD, he said that my application was strong and that they are looking for funding. Due to his mistake, I saw he sent the same email to at least one other student. I asked him at the beginning of our phone interview if the email meant I was accepted. He said "no," that money was tight and they were trying to match student interests with faculty needs and availability.

I'm trying to figure out if this meeting is just more of the process or if an actual offer is coming. What do you all think?

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I would say that you have a very strong chance of getting an offer, but like the POI said they're talking to applicants to find the best fit since money is tight.   But at this point they know that you're a candidate who seems like someone they would want-- the question is whether there's another applicant who is more of what they want. It's also about your fit with the school so they're also gauging how you like/get along with the grad students and faculty.

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