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news from USC?


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I applied and still waiting on them.

Status on the applyourself site is:

We are reviewing your application. The status of your application is updated daily and/or as changes occur to your file. Because of the volume of materials we receive, please note that it typically requires 8-10 business days from the date of receipt for documents (such as transcripts) to be processed into your file.

And has been that way since December.

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Yeah, I'm waiting to hear back too. I called them weeks ago and they said they would start releasing decisions mid-march, but seeing as how mid-march has come and gone, I may have to call them again and get an update.

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I got my letter of rejection in the mail today (which I posted to the results page). Not that I would have gone to USC at this point anyway, but I was hoping maybe they somehow lost my application so I could get my application fee back :)

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No, the website has not been updated with the rejected status. On the website it says that they only communicate status through postal mail. The following is what it says on the website:

-You will receive notification of your admission decision soon via postal mail. Please note that the Office of Admissions provides final decision notifications by letter only. We do not disclose admission decisions via e-mail, telephone, or any other means.

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