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Linguistics in UK


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What are your interests? I have several acquaintances who have studied syntax at Edinburgh, Cambridge, and UCL. They recommended Edinburgh and UCL highly for syntax. Three is quite a small sample size, though, so do take that into account and seek out more opinions. Good luck.

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Does anyone here has any idea about linguistics master in the UK? I have offers from Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and University College London and I'm deciding on which one to go for. 


If it's syntax and semantics that you're interested in, I'd say choose between UCL, Cam and Ox. Edinburgh is good for syntax, but I personally think they focus more on applied ling and language teaching, but the city is GREAT!


UCL focuses particularly on syntax and pragmatics, and they've got famous ppl there... The thing is, you'll probably end up going down their path, rather than developing something new, the influence is just too much (not that this is bad, just something my friend from there once mentioned). Look at what they are doing and if you like it, then I'd recommend UCL (plus it's in London :D)


Cam has this comparative syntax research group, so that's kinda different and the ling dept. is under modern languages; and at Ox, there is research on the interface between syntax/semantics and phonology, the dept. does philology too - very traditional old school :) If you are interest in phonetics/phonology. Cam, Ox and UCL all do relevant research.


I think it really depends on specifically what interests you the most, and they are all great unis :)

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I'm at Edinburgh for linguistics and it's great, I'm really happy with the program. There are some pretty big names here, and a lot of important scholars are invited as speakers throughout the year. My focus is syntax, pragmatics, and psycholinguistics. Send me a PM if you want to talk specifics!


UCL is great for theoretical syntax, for sure. I have a cohort-mate who got accepted their for his PhD and he works on ellipsis and semantics/syntax mismatches. 

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Do PhD/DPhil programs in the UK (for linguistics) ever provide funding for international students?


They do.... very rarely though, but I know quite a few who got their funding from elsewhere - their own countries, some external research institutes etc. and some unis do have scholarship international students can apply. :(

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hi, i am new to this website and i was wondering if anyone can help me to choose a topic in sociolinguistics for my master's thesis. i am so confused and can not decide on  a specific one. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssse help :)

thanks in advance

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