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Did you struggle with indecision?

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I’m having a very hard time deciding between three schools (I’m still waiting to hear back from one more, but then I’ll just be struggling with four because I’m not sure I’ll go). I know that sounds a bit crazy, but it’s a masters program so “fit” isnt quite the same as PhDs. They are all good schools, they all have professors I’m interested in working with. They are all good for REALLY different reasons. I just cannot decide. They all offered pretty good funding, except for one.


Did anyone else experience significant indecision? How did you overcome it / what helped you decide? Did there come a point in time when you just KNEW? I kind of feel like a jerk for keeping multiple schools waiting. It doesnt seem fair, but I just really don’t know.

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I'm suffering from some major indecision right now too.


I think what it will come down to is which school I would regret turning down more. Whichever school that is, I'll probably take it, because I don't want to think, "Oh, but what if I'd only gone to School X?"

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i made charts. then i had some beer, and made more charts. then i reviewed the charts, and sent the charts to other people who know me well. then i talked to them, students, professors, and my dog (on skype- yes, really! she's a fuzzy oracle of truthiness), marinated on what was said (and read between the lines), and compared charts one last time while having more beer.


my "i just knew" moment came after i compared my course options (i made fake schedules for my 4-6 semesters for the two programs i was choosing between), prices (turns out i hadn't dug deeply enough), and how students and professors spoke about classes, their peers, and the respective cities. it was cheaper, in a city that was more my speed and catered to my personal interests a lot more, and as close to a 100% perfect fit as i could ever find for a terminal MA program in terms of classes, professors, and resources. i had to step back, look at everything in depth repeatedly over the course of a couple weeks, mull it over nonstop for a couple days, and hear some reassurance from the most important people in my life before the "click" happened... but man, what a click!

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Hello there. I am completely new to this forum. I totally understand what you are going through right now, as I am struggling with the same exact issue. However, I'm only trying to decide between two grad schools that I have recently been accepted to. I am so distraught about my indecision that I can barely even sleep.


I would say you could narrow it down by eliminating the one school that you said doesn't offer decent funding. So, now you are down to two at the moment (but you're still waiting to hear back on the third). Are the schools all in completely different areas? Since you said they are all excellent academically, you could narrow it down to physical location preference. Is one school located somewhere that you think would be a really cool, vibrant place to live? I know you're concentrating on academics not physical location, but if you don't have any more criteria to narrow the decision down, why not use this factor?


Have you been to visit each school? If you can afford it, I would suggest doing this and possibly sitting in on a class (if you ask to do this in a way that doesn't make you seem ambivalent) and see what kind of vibe you get. Do you think you would fit in with the school climate in general, and also with the other students of your department? These are all important issues.


I wish I could apply the same advice I give to others towards myself. Don't feel too bad about keeping them waiting. I am doing the same thing. I am honestly not trying to be inconsiderate; I just get absolutely paralyzed by decisions.


Best of luck to you! I say go with your gut!

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