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on waitlist... should I contact again?


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So, I'm waitlisted to my top program.  When I received the email, I pretty much right away followed up with an email expressing my interest in the program and that if I was accepted into the program, I would accept the offer.  That was 4 weeks ago.  I'm guessing I won't hear anything until mid-late April.  Do you think I need/should contact the program director again?  The email I received didn't explicitly say not to contact her.  I just don't want to annoy her.    Should I wait until after the April 15 deadline to follow up again?

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Maybe try contacting the admissions department about a decision or your department about a estimated date they'll let you know by. 


Push the fact that "you have other offers" and you just want to know so you can make a decision.

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Getting off a waitlist can happen anywhere from the end of March to mid-April (April 15th, to be precise). Give it some time; it doesn't sound like letting them know you're interested will get you off the list any sooner.

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