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Accepting an offer too quickly? Questions to ask?


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I got a call last night offering me acceptance to a PhD program with $13,00/yr stipend-- I'm super excited and I already told my POI that I want to accept, but is emailing him today a bit quick? As in, will I look like I didn't do my homework or something? This is the only program I had the possibility of attending and he knows this, but I'm worried that I'll look desperate rather than CRAZY FUCKING HAPPY :D


Also, I realized that I have a few questions about the teaching load and stipends that I feel like I should have asked during our interview. I want to attend regardless (unless it's a 3:3 load or something horrendous like that) but do you think it's a good idea to ask those questions or ask the grad students in his lab? And are there any questions that I might want to ask now as well? I'm awful at thinking up logistical questions until I hit an actual problem :P



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If you have any questions about the program, like you mentioned, email or call to ask those questions. Yes, your mind may be already made up, as mine was, but I still had a couple of questions to make sure I got answered before I accepted. I got my offer on a Friday, and accepted on the following Tuesday. If you have already done your homework on the program, any follow up questions you have will show that, and you won't look desperate. Knowing what you want in this life, and for grad school, is a rare trait. G for it, once you have asked everything you need to know!

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