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SIS v/s Elliott v/s SFS(possibly)?


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Hi guys,


I know that there have been various topics about which is better between SIS and Elliott.


But my situation is a little different. I've been accepted to the MA in International Affairs(Comparative and Regional Studies) program at SIS and MA in Asian Studies at Elliott. I've been waitlisted for the MA in Asian Studies program at SFS, Georgetown.


A lot of information, on these forums and otherwise, is available on these schools. But it has been difficult for me to find out about their expertise in Asia.


My interests are Asian IR(with a focus South Asia) and foreign policy, especially India-US-China relations. I'm a journalist and will most likely continue in journalism after graduate study. Which of these schools has the best South Asia component?


I'm leaning towards SIS because I feel it's the best fit for me. But I'm worried that AU does not have the global reputation that Georgetown or even Elliott has. Also, Elliott seems to have more networking opportunities in terms of well-connected alumni than SIS. Is this true?


I've already mailed the faculty and current students at these schools but I'm waiting to hear from them.


Any thoughts about which school I should choose? If there are any current students or alumni, I'd love if you could weigh in.




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HELP has arrived...sort of. I'm in a very similar position, accepted into SFS Asian studies and Elliott asian studies. Both seem like excellent programs... Elliott is where im leaning somewhat. Elliotts curriculum seems very developed, the sigur center for asian studies offers constant talks and forums to attend led by field experts, and their study abroad options seem excellent. Georgetown offers the same, minus study abroad options, but there language courses are credit free(doesnt use up credit for electives) I didnt apply to SIS, but maybe this helps

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