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When is it acceptable to contact re admissions decisions?


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I applied for a degree with rolling admissions. As I was getting my application together, I met with a friend who is on the faculty at the institution in question. While I was there, he called and spoke to the admissions person who said they would respond in a week and a half - two weeks.

It's now coming up on four weeks. And I am looking at a new part-time job that needs to know about my future availability. this is a perfect position for me if I am taking courses. If not, not so much.

Should I email and ask the program director about my status? Or should I just be patient? Honestly, I don't need to know NOW, and they will probably get in touch with me before early April (when I need to be able to let the job people know my availability), but I want to know. I feel like so much of my life is up in the air until September becomes clear, and I just want to get on with things.

Call? Or be patient?

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I think you should call back in to see. After all, they gave you a fairly specific range of time that has long since passed, and it is only reasonable that you see where they are at. If they don't have the answer yet, you will have given them a reminder to get back to you soon. Also, if you call now, you can again call in early April without it being too close to when you last called.

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