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My first application and rejection... How would you feel?


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Hello all... I opened this account but I was only following the results page for a while... About 1.5 month ago I applied for the first time for a phd and I have learnt that I was rejected today... I have to finish my master's thesis this semester and continue to phd here at my university, since I am already a research and teaching assistant... I really wanted this school I applied to and they rejected me... I am so sorry, I wanted to cry but only a few tears came out of my eyes.


I really want to do my phd somewhere else. I will try to apply elsewhere but I really feel very down... What can I do to avoid this feeling? I am very devastated.

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In order to strengthen your application, you can call the department (when you're ready) and ask why you were rejected. You may not apply to the same program, but at least you'll be able to get into another if you know what you lacked.


I'm sorry you received a rejection, and it's fine to cry about it. I did.

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It's important to remember that even though you were rejected, you were among the many and it sounds like you're doing great already. As hurtful as it is to receive a rejection, you can always reapply and if you choose to do so it shows perseverance and high self-motivation. It's okay to feel bad of course but don't forget that there are many things to be thankful for as well. Stay confident in yourself and what you're doing and remember that a PhD is only a supplement to the vast amount you have already achieved so far.

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