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  1. Exercise, great movies, awesome company, and delicious food. <-- Cure for all forms of discomfort and anxiety:)
  2. No worries! We're all the same boat. Let's just all try to stay sane...
  3. Congrats! Hopefully they send you info on funding soon.
  4. I'm not from those schools but if they've sent acceptance letters it means they've probably sent rejection letters also. If you haven't gotten a rejection, they've most likely not made a decision on your application yet. Good luck.
  5. Thanks. And yep it's brutal but I know I'm definitely not the only one going through the same monotonous routines. Just going to have to try and be patient.
  6. Yes, I spoke to Anne-Marie. She said there were still a lot of administrative things to take care of. Good luck with UCSD Bioengineering they're program is awesome and congrats with UCLA so far.
  7. I called them and they said no decision has been made on my application yet and that it would potentially be another 2 weeks or so. Did you apply for MS or PHD?
  8. I'm not sure about other departments but the Bioengineering department says they're behind on applications. I guess they're all just really impacted right now. Lots of applicants this year maybe?
  9. Some song called "Wind and Water" by Nature. I Pandora'd calm relaxation music. Have to keep my nerves in check somehow in these final few days of waiting.
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