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Which Teachers College Program Are You Admitted?


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MA Arts Admin, but my decision came so late that I don't think I will get funding info in time - that is, before the deadline to commit to hgse. I have had the hardest time getting any assistance at all with anything form the administrative staff at tc, that it has really made me reconsider whether i should seek a degree in "arts ADMINISTRATION" from them at all :lol:

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Anyone hears from Financial Aid ?

No. I heard that we need to wait by end of April. For Zankel Urban Fellowship, they are currently

reviewing the applications and hope to make decisions by April 15.

Keep crossing fingers!!! :)

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Yeah, waiting on Zankel as well. Financial aid is grr, from what current students are telling me. Apparantly, TC can't draw from the $$ that is Columbia for us. It was down to TC and NYU for me. I took a visit to both programs and felt TC was more research/class oriented as opposed to NYU, which seemed to be more focused on the professional/practicum aspect of the program. Both great but, ultimately, I liked what TC had to offer specifically to me. (and TC is actually cheaper than NYU - $1085/cr. opposed to $1200/cr.)

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I got a few credit points from the enrollment of TC for the Dev Psych programme. Fin Aid said they will be giving out more award information before the end of April. I'm hopeful!!! I havent gotten any response from NYU Steinhardt though for their Social Psyh. programme.

I figure there will be lots of programmes with a little money attached when I start TC.

Anyone have info about these kinds of programmes??

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