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Advice - Want to apply to Journalism School With No Experience


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I just graduated with a degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley back in December and am really interested in applying to Journalism school this fall, but I really have no relevant experience. I was wondering if people could tell me which good schools I should aim for, and which of these I might have a shot at: Medill, Univ of Maryland, CUNY, NYU, Columbia, Berkeley (that one I know for sure I don't given I know its rep for only taking on experienced professionals), Syracuse, Missouri. As said, if you can suggest any more, that would be great. Any advice on how to boost my resume would be much appreciated as well. Thank you!


GPA: I was a transfer so there are two.


UC Berkeley: 3.67/Other College: 4.0 for a cumulative GPA of a 3.8 (I know law schools add these up, but not sure about Journalism?)


Experience: Nothing really, as said. I did apply for summer internships at organizations and will apply for ones in the fall too. At school I contributed a few articles to an on-campus publication devoted to MENA/South Asian issues, I recently started writing articles for three websites, I worked for one year as the Social Media Associate of a prominent body image website, did Social Media work for another site, worked as a Media Outreach intern on a reputable documentary, was the president of two social justice groups, and did some overseas volunteer work. I'd occasionally sit-in on some of the classes at Berkeley's Journalism School in my last semester, but I've not actually taken any relevant classes.

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Hi! From what I've read on journalism program websites, it seems your undergraduate major is not that relevant. I would just recommend perfecting your statement of purpose to show your excellent writing skills and to explain why you're so interested in journalism (& what you expect to do in the field). It would also be extremely helpful to get some stellar teacher recommendations. Ask them to highlight your writing talents. Choose your best essays as writing samples and maybe try to provide some on a variety of topics to show your flexibility.


Also, your experience is very relevant. Social media work & writing articles should add substantially to your qualifications. 


I'd say as long as you work hard to develop a strong application, you'll be fine regardless of graduating as a political science major. 

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