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Hey Guys,


I am a German Student thinking about doing my Ph.D in the US. But as I don't know much about American Colleges and Cities I have a hard time choosing the ones I will apply to.


I don't really care about rankings or location of the college that much. More important for me is the research I will do. As I am really interested in networking especially peer to peer streaming, I am looking for colleges that are strong in that area. Any recommendations?


Additionally I would like to add that I am a Linux and C++ guy. So I would not like to end up with an advisor/school that forces me to use Windows or some VM/Scripting language.


Thanks for your help!

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You probably should look into schools that are strong in networking. Also networking is a very large research area and each professor focuses on different parts ( security, algorithms, new protocols, optimization, internet ... ).


Start your search here:



Browse the websites of faculties and professors, read some of their research till you see something you like.

I am not sure I can recommend you any school at this point, please be more specific in your research aspirations.


Because of your nickname, I would recommend you to talk with this guy:



he's doing security, in Linux and related to networking.


Best of luck.

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