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UChicago- MAPSS... Go for it or not so much?

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Hello everyone,


I applied for UChicago's PhD in History for Fall 2013 and was rejected. However, I was admitted into the MAPSS program. I'm debating whether or not I should go for it. I applied to several other PhD programs and was ultimately rejected (so so sad :-( ). I'm still waiting to hear back from one last school. My ultimate goal is to earn a PhD in History (concentration in the African Diaspora) and become a historian/ professor. I feel that on the one hand, getting a MA from UChicago could enable me to be a more competitve candidate for when I reapply in the future. On the other hand, I'm concerned about the program itself (how feasible is it for me to earn a MA in one year)? in addition to the cost. 


For those of you who have gone through MAPSS how was your experience? 


I would love seriously LOVE any advice that you all have regarding this program. Its getting down to the wire and I have to start making decisions. 


Thank you!!



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