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No word from school, yet received e-newsletter today?


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I'm still waiting to hear back from two schools, Northeastern and Adelphi, no word at all, no waitlist or anything. It's been driving me nuts! This morning, I saw I had an email with the subject line: "News from Adelphi's Ruth S. Ammon School of Education". I was terrified to open it, but when I did I realized it was a newsletter! It even had a link to donate to the annual fund at the bottom! Has anyone else received this? Not sure how to take it...I called admissions and after looking me up, all they said was my file was with the department and I'd hear "soon". Are newsletters sent out to all applicants? Rejected or not? If so, that's just cruel! Oof. :-\


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Omg I hate those. I used to get all emails from UW and Scripps Oceanography. I think I kept Scripps but UW was pissing me off big time. Just unsubscribe until you get the real email. 


I'm still being considered by my number 1 school. I guess we're not there yet!

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Northeastern keeps doing the same thing to me.

I think they just send them out to everyone once they have your email.

I even got one from a school I looked into, but never ended up applying to....

Oh well.

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Sometimes emails/contact info are mistakenly categorized. Last year, I got a call from the Alumni Association of a school that I had applied to 2 years earlier but did not attend. They asked if I enjoyed my time at their school and whether or not I'd like to make a donation!

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