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Ms in computer science or Phd


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Hey guys..


I want to pursue Ms in computer science (more precisely in web technologies).

I was told that i would need 12+4 education whereas i had 12+3 (i did BCS)

so i pursued MSC in computer science.


But now its like i already have a masters degree.

I'm suggested to do Phd, but I want to pursue MS.


Can anyone guide me as to what is appropriate ?


thank u.

have a good day...


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I don't want to be a professor.

I wanna be a coder.

i love coding

In that case, I would stick with getting a MS. If you get a PhD, you'd be overqualified for many software engineering jobs. Unless you're really into the idea of being a researcher, there's no reason why you should spend the extra 4+ years going for a PhD.

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If you have a passion for research and the subject, then a research oriented degree such as a M.S. or Ph.D. is what you want to pursue. If it is a job you are interested in, then a professional Masters (not a research M.S.) is what will give you the biggest salary boost. However, before you jump into the Masters degree, get a job and work for a while. It will be much more clear to you what will be able to further your career, an MBA or a degree in CS/IS or something else, and your employer might even pay for some of it.
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