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Chicago MAPSS VS BU PhD?


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I had set my mind on going to Chicago but recently got an admission from Boston and Im in a huge dilemma.

My interest is in Poli sci, more specifically the political changes in Egypt n the Middle East and the role of the civil society/org in these changes. The issue of secularism and Islamic society are obviously going to be a big deal in this resarch.

Both Chicago and Boston have a good faculty in the area.

Boston is fully funded with a 20k yr stipend.

For Chicago I will have to come up with an additional 40k or more for one yr altho i got half scholarship.

Obviously the financial perks of BU matter a lot but Ive heard that MAPSS has high chances of securing a god PhD program (albeit proly in2015 Fall adlnd well, Im not getting any younger). Chicago also has, lets face it, more prestige.

Any advice? Thx!!!

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Guest hopefulfool

You could always go to BU then try transferring out to a different program if you do not like it or leave with a free MA. I think it would be ridiculous to go into debt over an MA when you have a fully funded PhD. 

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MAPSS  is not a bad program and it helps with getting into a good program, but in no way does it guarantee that it will land you a position in a top 20 program.  I think it would be risky to turn down a fully funded offer for an MA. Plus, it seems BU is a good fit for you and it is a good program that provides good training. 

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I mean BU is a respectable school, and they do what you want and you are sure of that.

I think it would be foolish for a "chance" at a top 20. And spending more money. And wasting time of your life. Do the MA funded and leave if you want....

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