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  my major is Electrical Engineering. And I have decided to first get my Master's and then decide if I want to find a job in the industry or continue my education for PhD, the followings are the offers I have received: 
  • UCSD Master/PhD but their letter says that funding is not available at this time!
  • ND PhD program, a full tuition scholarship of $44,360 as well as stipend of 21,000 and health insurance and everything - Funding package is guaranteed for five years as long as my grades stay in an acceptable level.
  • Cornell, Master's with no funding
  • Accepted into Rice for PhD as well, I have not received the official letter yet and do not know about the funding situation.


  • My main question is that which program do you think I should pick?  I do not know about the job market for an electrical engineering graduate, in comparison to a master's degree from Cornell or UCSD? Should I pay for my education out of my own pocket, and get my master's from Cornell or UCSD, simply because my degree will be more valuable?
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School name doesn't matter so much if you're going for just a Masters and then going into industry. Internships and research experience are your biggest asset when it comes to finding a job. I don't think you should reject a funded offer for an unfunded offer, even if the school name is much better. You'll always have the chance to reapply to a different school after you get your Masters if you end up disliking where you go.


Take the offer from whoever offers you funding!

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