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Portland State PDX Social Work MSW Fall 2013

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The wait is killing me. I applied to UW's MSW program and Lewis & Clark's MFT program and got in, but declined the offers for PSU (I received my B.A. there and will have it almost completely funded if I get accepted). Hopefully it's good news at the end of the month. Are any of you guys likewise set on PSU or are you weighing other offers?

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I got notice at 5 today that I was "accepted as an alternate" which is basically wait listed.  Not the worst news, not the best, but there is still hope!!  I hope this turns into a FULL acceptance sooner than later (or never).  Who else heard back and who else has experience with "alternate acceptance"

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I actually have been obsessively checking my application status and ended up checking about 5 minutes before they sent the email :)  I was accepted! Yay! It's the only school I've applied for so I'll definitely be attending. Now it's just a matter of hearing back on aid and scholarships....

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