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PhD in Computer Science (Waterloo) or go back to working?


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Hi everyone,


I have a bachelor in Computer Science (graduated 2004) and I'm currently finishing a Master in Education at York University (total time: 1 year). My supervisor is advising me to do a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, that she will give me a letter of recommendation and introduce me to people there.


I have plenty of experience with databases and programming, so I can always go back to that. Currently my research is in video games for learning, and issues in gender and technology.


I haven't met with the professors in UoW, but I have been thinking hard about this opportunity. What are the advantages of a PhD in Comp Science? vs my current experience + MEd? I would love to keep working in games for education, and/or research into gender and technology.


I would also love to meet anyone in a PhD on Comp Science in UoW if there is any! :)




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If your career aim is a research position, then a PhD is the way to go. But if you have another type of career in mind, than you probably should explore other opportunities.

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