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University of Edinburgh Fall 2014

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First off, I am very new to this site! I am wanting to apply to Edinburgh for the MSc in Research Psychology. I am nervous about acceptance because my GPA may only be a 3.2 in October when I apply for the Fall 2014 year. I am published (with an Edinburgh PhD graduate), working on a  second publication (with the same professor), doing field research in Cognitive Neuroscience for another professor this summer, and have been working at a research and evaluation center at the University of North Florida for over a year. The problem was my freshman year (cliche, I know) but I entered into my Sophmore year with a 2.74 and currently hold a 3.13 (proudly!). I have A's in all of my Psych Research and Experimental courses, as well as my statistics courses. I am the president of Psi Chi at my university, and am heavily involved with other psychological organizations on campus.

  What do you guys think my chances are??? I do a ton of research and paper writing. I am very extracurricular. I'm hoping that will outweigh my inadequate GPA! 

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