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  1. I share the same feelings. Luckily my wife is successful and can support me while I limp along lol. GRE scores should be moot if you hold a Master's degree. It is a shame that it is being used as the sole deciding factor for many schools. I spent a lot of money for them to review my application, and for it to get tossed out before they even read my LORs is insane. What am I paying for?! Why am I wasting my recommenders time? Back to the drawing board (or testing center...)
  2. I really appreciate that! Yeah, not looking forward to the hundreds of dollars towards another GRE and the hundreds of dollars towards another round of applications. I don't know why schools don't waive the GRE score for people with grad degrees. Seems like an antiquated system.
  3. Feeling pretty deflated. Rejected from my top schools because of my GRE score. I used the same score that I used to get my Master's and figured that by having a Master's I wouldn't need to prove I was capable of graduate-level work with a standardized test. I was wrong. Holding out hope for a couple of programs but have received 0 interviews. Not looking forward to asking my recommenders, yet again, to write me LORs
  4. Gotcha! I applied social, so maybe the process is different? Just holding out hope as the rejection letters start flowing
  5. Did you get an interview? I haven't heard a peep from them.
  6. Rejected from USF CNS Program. Official, through email. This one stings...
  7. It may even be your GRE coupled with lack of experience. I have 10 publications spanning 5 years, a Masters in Psychology, and a 150/153/4.5 GRE. I haven't heard a peep from any programs.
  8. For real! Why are they advertising for a program that I already applied to? Like, you got my attention already...now let me in!!
  9. I am in a similar predicament. My scores are 150/153/4.5. I have a Masters (3.64 final) and 10 publications, as well as having worked in 5 labs over 8 years. I haven't heard a peep from a single program, and I am convinced it is my GRE that's holding me back. I am already planning on retaking it for the next round. At the end of the day, we know that many programs use the GRE to determine if an application should even be formally reviewed.
  10. That feeling when you get an email from a school and it's just an advertisement... Status: Titillated. Disappointed.
  11. Yep! Nothing official on my end either. Kind of assuming that there's a few that I absolutely didn't get into...but I'm holding out hope for a few of them too. I wish there websites weren't such trash and that they showed interview dates, deadlines, and accurate contact information.
  12. Haven't heard a peep from anyone. The only school on my list that I know sent out invites is FSU, and I didn't get (as expected). Feeling a little beat down at this point. Waiting another year seems horrible.
  13. Relatable. I am studying for my Personal Training cert as we speak. The tragedy of having anything but a PhD in the field of psychology....under qualified to do almost anything in the field of psychology.
  14. That's kind of what I am figuring. I didn't decide to apply until October, so I had no time to study and retake the GRE. I am just hoping that I get into any program so I don't have to review Algebra again. I'd rather stay sharp on stats. I am assuming I'll hear something next week from my schools. After that, I can probably just assume that a PhD isn't in the cards this year.
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