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I founf that NOVA has a SLP program... and I wanted to find out if anyone had any personal experience information about the program. I'm usually very cautious about programs that aren't from a traditional university and have a predominantly online program focus, as does NOVA. I don't know if they are accreditted and if degrees from this institution are respected. I also don't know the cost and if it is rediculously more expensive because of the convienence it offers.

If anyone could shed some light on this I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thanks in advance... and happy Monday.

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Nova is VERY respected.  The program takes longer to complete, as you don't have as many classes per semester, but it's a great program.  I had a prof who did her MS at a traditional on campus program, and later did her D-SLP at Nova (the hybrid doctoral program) and she was absolutely outstanding.  I have met a few Nova students online as well, and even though it is expensive ($75k?) it is worth it for the online, part-time style degree.  I think it takes something like 4 years to do.  There are other online-only programs as well -- online schools are not as poorly done as they used to be.  Check in ASHA's edfind list for online master's programs - there are about 12 or more, and they are all ASHA-accredited programs.  


I personally did not apply to NOVA, but I did apply to another online program in addition to the on campus options, and ultimately I chose to go the route of 2-years on campus and done, but I was also considering a 3-year program where the first year is essentially part-time and the next two are more full-time, just "distance ed."  I also looked at James Madison, which offers a distance ed option as well.  They are ALL great, it's just a matter of what your learning style is, if you can be VERY self-managed, and how much time you would have to travel / spend on campus (usually some amount of time is required, even if it's just orientation). 

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