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Letters on weekends?


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There was a thread about this that I started a few weeks ago. I got several replies from people who had indeed heard via email or website on weekend, and even a few who heard via phone. I know Columbia's system is automated and sending out replies through weekends, but I don't know which others by name.

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One professor sent me an acceptance email at 2am on sunday morning. It's uncommon, but it can happen. Actually, it was a little anticlimactic, I ended up doing a little happy dance alone in my room and had to wait until the next morning to call everyone and tell them the good news :D.

Would save me the energy of checking e-mails 5 times a day if theyre not. lol.
I wasn't able to stop refreshing my inbox even on holidays or in the middle of the night when I knew I wouldn't hear anything, haha. But, if you can keep yourself from checking your email, it's definitely healthier to do that..
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