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Low AW Score


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Hello, theGradCafe!

I took my first GRE test about two weeks ago.

I am an international student and I got 161 Verbal and 170 Quant.

But unfortunately, my AW score came out to be 3.0. 

I did look over some materials for AW section but this is so much lower than I had expected.

I am trying to apply to MIA at SIPA for the Spring of 2014 admission.

My undergrad (NE region in the US.) GPA is 3.5 and I have worked here and there for about two years total (all of them being unpaid internships).

Should I retake the GRE for a better AW score on July?


Should I start working on my SOP instead?


Thank you so much for reading!

Any sincere answers would be very much appreciated!

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congratulations! As an international student myself, i have seen so many international students being accepted to top universities with the score you've got (AWA 3), so i think it won't affect your application negatively. Good Luck!

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Hi junil89, 


Congrats on your GRE score and yes an 3.0 in AWA is insufficient. When  you have such good scores in Verbal and Quant it would be a pity if your application is rejected only due to your score. 


But then again it depends on the course you are applying to. If it is a field where your writing skills are essential such as Jounalism I would suggest retaking it. Some other fields do not place as much importance on the AWA section of the exam and in such cases it will not impact your admissions much. 

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