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2013 grad. applications are coming up. So, how are you organizing your application materials and deadlines? (Or how did you, if you've already applied?)




Personally, I just purchased a filing box and some hanging files for all of my personal and household needs. So, I added a section called "grad. apps.". Within that section, I have a folder for each school that I'm applying to. Taped on the inside cover of each school folder, I have a timeline/checklist for application materials, which I can reference easily. In each school folder, I've included printed out information about each POI, the website information for each application, and any FAQ that the sites provide.


I also have folders within the main grad. app. section for GRE timelines, reference material lists, scores, etc. Then, I have a folder that has extra official transcripts from each college I went to for any site uploads, or if I need to mail any in emergency. In my final folder, I have all of the materials for fellowships, grants, scholarships, and any other pertinent financial aid information. I'm still debating if I want fellowships that are tied to a specific school to go in that school's file, though.


I think this system will work for me, and it will keep me from going crazy with piles of paperwork.

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When I applied, I kept everything digital (and backed up) to make sure I didn't misplace anything. One folder for each program containing all application files as well as a simple Word doc with all the relevant info about the program and application. I also had a separate folder with everything I needed to give my referees. All of my applications were online, save for one that required me to mail my transcripts, so having everything already on my computer helped.


Good luck with your applications!

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I was also digital, using Google docs and DropBox. I had a GoogleDocs spreadsheet with several tabs.  Tab 1 included the list of schools I was interested in with their locations, requirements (i.e., essays, number of LORs, SOP requirements, etc), deadlines, and links to the application pages.  Tab 2 was a list of potential POIs, with their names, schools, department, notes about their interests, and any other notes about them (i.e., if they were friends with a professor of mine, etc.).  Tab 3 was my application progress sheet -- I copied the list of schools from page 1 with their deadlines, then tracked my progress through the application, including when it was complete, when I had ordered GRE and/or transcripts to be sent, and when my letters were in.


For application materials, I had a DropBox folder so that I could access it anywhere.  I had a file for each application, and a file for communal things like my CV and transcripts.

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I also found it easiest to do it all using Google Drive. It allows me to access things if I decide to work on them away from home. The organization was very similar to Angua's, and that has been very helpful.


As far as for the GRE, I have a multiple-pocket folder where I put all the practice information.

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