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Did anyone else get an email from Microryza? They apparently grabbed my email address from the NSF GRFP list, and I'm betting I'm not the only one.


Also, does anyone have any experience with funding research through their site? Do you think it's worth the time it would require?

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Crowd-funding is an entirely unique approach, and it will be personal to the individual.  To this end, it could be great, or terrible, and it will largely depend on you.



If you can get a large number of people to fund you, for little in return or expectations, thats great.  If on the other hard, you have very high or unrealistic expectations/pay back, then its obviously going to be more stressful.




In some ways, asking if crowd-funding is good, is like asking, are contracts good?


It will entirely depend on how you set it up, how effective it will actually be, and what you must give in exchange.

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It's also likely to depend on the rules at the institution you attend, and how your PI feels about crowd funding. 


Most research universities should have an office of research, that will likely have clear policies on funding sources for research at the University. 

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I received the email too, I thought it was interesting.  I would definitely consider crowdsource funding but I'd likely try to do it independently rather through Microryza...only because I thought the website wasn't detailed enough for me on the process but I need to do more reading about them.

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