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Is it harder to apply for a Master in Biology with a BA than a BS?


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So I am leaning towards a biology BA rather than a BS because I would have to take a fifth year to finish all the required classes for BS since I only recently changed my major to biology. But for some MS program sites, it states that, "Applicants to the master’s program should have BS or a more advanced degree in any engineering discipline, mathematics; or any of the natural sciences."

Does this mean I can't even apply to this program with a BA in biology?

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I would call someone in admissions and ask. 


There are graduate students and post-docs in my lab that have a BA, not a BS. But, as an undergraduate at a university where a BS is much more comprehensive than a BA, I don't feel like a BA is as good of a background. I think it's very possible to get into grad school with a BA, but I think a BS prepares you a bit better, depending on your program.

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I agree with Monochrome Spring - best to call and ask. Having a BA won't make it impossible, but it's one part of your application that's less competitive than your peers, many of whom will have BS degrees.

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